Our promise to you

One-stop shop As trained construction project managers we run your whole building, refurbishment or design project from start to finish

Flexibility We hire, manage, liaise with and pay the whole design and construction team for you or, alternatively, we are happy to work with any of your chosen professionals

Tried and trusted We only hire professionals we rely on, ranging from architects, designers, surveyors, as well as specialist trades

Transparency We understand how confusing it can be for customers to understand what is going on during a project. So we always promise to take that stress out of a project as much as possible!

Where we operate Central London and Alresford, Hampshire

Space creation We search to free up extra space in traditionally narrow town houses

After-care service For our clients we offer an optional, catch-all maintenance contract covering all problems 24/7. We can even maintain your garden in your absence

We want to be your helping hand, running a complete, one-stop service from planning stage to after-care. We don’t want to abandon you immediately after completion but give you continuing peace of mind in or away from your home.

Please call us to find out more about our project management services or arrange a free consultation on 07730 496609 or click here to email us now.